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Y’all this young lady was my best friend in kindergarten. I am so proud to still call her a friend.


Her name is Rashida Hunter, affectionately known as Rah. She was born and raised on the west-side of Chicago. She is a bomb fashion stylist, and she is her own brand.


Rashida was previously enrolled in The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago, where she studied Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. However, due to financial struggles she was forced to take a break from her schooling. And after time and consideration, she decided to make that break permanent and focus on her career full time. This was not an easy decision for her to make, “My parents have always believed I would be a surgeon or a journalist, or anything ‘traditional’ for that matter. So for a long time, I followed that. I went to school and I majored in Biology then I switched and majored in Journalism all before realizing that Fashion was what I was supposed to be doing, was what I wanted to be doing, was what I was going to do. It wasn’t easy explaining my decision to my parents, especially a year and a half before being able to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism but I did it and I don’t regret it at all.”


Rashida has a fashion blog called TheComeUp. “I’m a wardrobe stylist, so I always figured people wanted to see what I put on other people, but boy was I wrong,” she said when asked what prompted her to start blogging. She took some time off from her blog, but is back now looking to expand it and post more consistently.


Not too long ago she styled her very own show, The Come Up: Where the Arts Meet the Hustle, on her 23rd birthday.  Rashida was an assistant stylist in Fresh Off the Runway show, and she curated the Gloryus segment in the Raw Artist showcase this past February at Navy Pier.


In 5 years, or before, Rashida plans to be living and working in New York, signed to a styling agency. She’s going to be getting her Carrie Bradshaw on: writing for a style column at a prestigious fashion magazine, and all while gearing up for the grand opening of her very own upscale vintage boutique. “Life is lit in 5 years to say the least!”


Her fashion icons are Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacali, and Solange, who she’s referred to as her godmother. Her top three favorite designers are Eliee Saab, Zuhair Murad, and Marchesa. Unlike a lot of us who will buy ourselves a car or a Birkin bag when we make it big, she’s going to buy her father a house. “It may not be in Manhattan, But he’ll get it,” she said jokingly.


I asked her what words of encouragement would she give to her younger self if she could: 


“I would encourage my younger self to follow my own dreams, and if I fail It’s only because I didn’t try. I would encourage myself to trust not only God’s plan for my life but to trust his voice. Know that He has a plan and it’s one with my best interest at heart, so calm down. Don’t be so angry. Life is happy when I’m happy, everybody is not against me and those who are don’t matter. I would encourage my younger self to be quiet. Being loud blocks out blessings, I would encourage myself to believe that I am enough, more than enough; I’m beautiful and my dreams matter and are attainable.”


If you need styling assistance for your next photoshoot, upcoming baby shower, graduation announcements, or anything like that please contact my girl and let her help you!


She can be reached via email at


Check out her work via her social media accounts:



Instagram: @Priincessrah

Twitter: @PrincessRahh


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