Ready. Set. Vintage.

Ready. Set. Vintage was started by Chicago native Brittani Franklin. Brittani is a graduate of Gwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy. She also attended Xavier University, where she majored in Chemistry.


Brittani always had a passion for fashion and science; she wants to go to medical school. During her time at Xavier University, she lived on a "college budget" and had to find ways to make her money work for her. Her passion for fashion wasn't always in the forefront; however, at one point she noticed that she spent a lot of time thrifting and strangers always complimented her on her finds. Friends and associates would ask her to come shop with them or even just shop for them! It was at that point that Brittani decided she needed to stop shopping for herself (and spending her own money lol), and start helping others with their own fashion endeavors. 


She is very much invested in the black community. Brittani was invited to a Hey Brown Girl event to be a vendor. The purpose of the event was "recycling our dollars". She loved the event and decided that she wants to do more if the opportunity arises for her. As far as Ready. Set. Vintage, she plans to set up her own events to uplift the Black community through literacy and financial wellness programs. In the meantime, she is going to start accepting donations, monetary and clothing, to give to local schools and outreach programs. 


I asked her what words of encouragement would she give to her younger self, if she could:


"Be confident in who you are and don't allow anyone to interrupt your goals and dreams. You can do everything, and don't let anyone limit what you want to do," she said. 


Brittani is contemplating on taking a few fashion classes to better her designing and styling skill set as well. And starting this Spring, she will be doing a few pop-up shops too. 


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Facebook: Brittani Franklin


-Your Urban Black Girl