Pure Candle House

Janesha G. is the founder and creator of Pure Candle House, a Black-owned candle company!


Janesha is a Chicago-native, who attended Proviso East High school and SIUC Carbondale where she studied social work and psychology.

Janesha created Pure Candle House after noticing a lack of home fragrances, particularly candles, at any of the vendor shows she'd attended. After realizing the lack of products in the market, she ordered some product supplies the next day and got started!

Pure Candle House currently has 15 different scents, and is still growing and planning to add new ones. Scent inspiration comes from anything that makes Janesha feel good: vacations, spa or even a past love.


Pure Candle House has had some awesome vendor events and opportunities: Ace hotel, African fest, etc.  The experiences were amazing! Meeting new people, from customers to vendors and organizers, is great for net working . 


No events have been booked this year as of yet, due to COVID and the mask-wearing mandate. Because how can you buy a candle without picking it up and smelling it?

My goal is to say that I stuck with something- a passion that I love, even if my business remains local as long as I don’t give up that’s all that matters.

Though a hard decision. to make, Janesha's favorite Pure Candle House scent is “Oud Patchouli”, it’s one of the new scents but it smells amazing: masculine but soft and clean which is my favorite.


"I love teak-woods and anything that smells reminds me of a fine man," she commented.

Janesha aspires to be a successful, proud black woman who believed in herself!

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