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Positivity Will Change Your Life

Don't let anyone stop you from doing what you truly want to do, not even yourself. I've talked myself out of so many things, that probably would have really benefitted me in the long run.

Let me tell y'all about negative self-talk, I do it all too often. The things we think about ourselves will eventually manifest into our daily lives. Remember, the seeds you plant, and speak life into, will grow. Period. Be careful what you say to yourself, you're listening.

Letting this negative self-talk manifest in your spirit is what is likely keeping you up at night, and causing your anxiety problems. Now, you know you need your sleep. I work full-time and I'm in grad school full-time, I have enough to deal with, let alone be talking that clown shit to myself. Like I'm really not the shit. TUH *insert hairlip here*!

No one can live your life for you. Your decisions, your mistakes, your lessons learned, and your regrets, are all yours. Cherish them. They will make you who you are. You will see the strength you are made of, when you are tested and tried by your life's obstacles.

People will try to guide you. People will try to live their lives through you. People will try to rule over you.


Be your own person. It is okay. And if it's not okay right now, it will be. Trust me.

Personally, I believe that repeating self-affirmations of love, life, and light to yourself everyday is the fastest way to change your mind. These are things that you know you need to hear, things that you know will feed your soul.

For example:

If you have issues with your self-image: "I am beautiful." If you have issues with your self-worth: "I am enough."

If you have issues with getting out of bed in the morning: "I will conquer what I set out to do today."

If you have issues with your where you are in life: "I will be where I am supposed to be, when God is ready to move me."

These may seem really small, and possibly trivial, but the more you say your daily affirmations the more you commit them to memory. Once something is committed to your memory, it becomes a part of who you are.

Try writing out a list of your own daily affirmations, and start to say them to yourself.

Pleaseeee let me know how this works for you, if you decide to try it!

"Positive self-talk is to emotional pain, as a pain pill is to physical pain."

Be encouraged and thanks for stopping by babes,

-Your Urban Black Girl


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