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Naturally Ratchet

Since the rising of Meg the Stallion, City Girls, and the like, there's been a lot of talk about how that behavior isn't becoming of a "real" woman. Yet, they’re the ones all the dudes talking about wanting to be with. Then there’s Ari Lennox and Lizzo who are apparently just too damn deep to understand, and they get talked about for it. 

Is there not a middle ground? I think so. I like to think of it as "naturally ratchet".

Meg the Stallion/Lauryn Hill


Smoke weed/Burn Sage



Acrylics/No chip

Hennessy/Chamomile tea

I don't think that people are so black and white. We all live in gray. It's not fair to put women, especially black women, into these boxes. We are so much more. Never let anyone, especially a man, tell you who and what you can or cannot be.  

There's power in knowing who you are, and owning it. Because baby let me tell you, I am surely naturally ratchet. And that is okay. Some people can't handle the juxtaposition, but that's because they're simple minded. Going to college really helped me realize that it was perfectly fine to turn up whenever and wherever, as long as I handled my business. And trust, the business is handled.

“The voice of a black woman should always be edits, no erasure, no pressure, no expectations, no additions, no intruders” Malebo Sephodi

Urban black girl, be you. Throw ass Saturday night, and go to church Sunday morning. Enjoy thirsty Thursday and get up on time for work. You can be and do both. It is your life, and only you can live it.

With love,

-Your Urban Black Girl

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