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In This New Year...

I wasn't going to do a post about this New Year, but after seeing so many people really getting into this "New Year, New Me" mood, I felt I should.

This year I am not writing down any resolutions or trying to make any life altering goals for myself. I tried that last year, and I wasn't that successful. I did meet some of my resolutions, but others I stopped pursuing, in pursuit of other things. I don't think that makes me a failure or anything, but my priorities changed. I've seen a lot of us really beating ourselves up for not reaching the goals set at the start of 2017.

This past year has been a struggle for a lot of us: numerous losses, disappointments, etc. However, we're still here and pushing forward and that is an accomplishment within itself. That being said, this year all I want for myself is INCREASE, in every sense of the word.

So this year, if you're like me and not into the pointless resolution thing, really sit and think about what you want for your life. Then, figure out how to get it. That way, at the end of 2018, and the beginning of 2019, you won't feel bad for not reaching your goals/resolutions, because they're ongoing and not short lived.

"New Year, New Me" isn't my mood this year, it's more like "New Year, Same Me, Different Vision". LOL. I'm focused on what's being done, rather than what's being said.

(No offense to those who have resolutions or anything.)


-Your Urban Black Girl

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