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Depression Is Real

Hello all,

I've been on a hiatus from blogging for a few months, as many of you know. Losing my job, job hunting, depression, and all around writer's block have all prevented me from putting my fingers on this keyboard. Simply put, I just haven't been motivated.

Prior to all of these changes I went through, I never really believed in the concept of depression. I kind of just thought that it was just a figment of the imagination. However, finding myself swallowed up in my thoughts and shortcomings quickly changed that opinion. Depression is real. And it's really hard to pull yourself out of it all alone. As much as I hate people prying into my personal life and my feelings, I'm glad I had a support system that did.

A powerful lesson I've learned over few months, is to stop speaking negatively to myself. I had literally convinced myself that I deserved all of the crap that was going on. Like somehow this was just all my fault. I know now that way of thinking was way off track.

"Be careful of how you are talking to yourself because you are listening"- Lisa M. Hayes

Speak life over your situations, whatever you may be going through. It will end eventually, you just have to stay the course.

No, my life isn't perfect, and I don't have everything that I want. But I refuse to wallow in self-pity for another day.

This was difficult for me to write, and even more difficult for me to share, but I hope it encourages you.

Make the choice, today and everyday to be great.

-Your Urban Black Girl

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