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The other day I posted this screenshot that said something should support your friends that have/ are trying to have their own businesses. Like it's free to repost, comment on, like, subscribe to each and every thing your "friend" posts about their business.

Well, since I'm black and most of you all reading this are black, I want to discuss the importance of supporting black women and businesses owned by black women. Plus, October is National Women’s Small Business Month.

The rest of the world already divides us based on skin color, hair types, education level, tax bracket, etc. So why do we continue to aid in that divide? Honestly, if we all decided that we were going to support each other, and only each other, these other businesses would fail.

I know that most times we support other establishments simply out of convenience, but we need to do better. I also know that doing business with our own isn't always the most pleasant experience; however, there isn't just one person with a particular skill. You just have to look.

We own nail shops, beauty shops, beauty supply stores, clothing boutiques, restaurants, bakeries, mental health facilities, real estate companies, event planning companies, branding companies, etc.! Black women are the most educated group in America. We are the shit, there's nothing we can't do. And if you need a service, and don't know a black woman that provides it, I'm willing to bet that someone you know does.

It is time that we start writing our own narratives. It is time that we start supporting our own, for real. Enough of getting cursed out and beat on in nail shops that don't respect us or appreciate our patronage. Enough of being followed around beauty supply store employees because we're taking too long trying to decide between Cantu and Creme of Nature. These types of places are NOT our only options.

We can do better. We have to do better. We are in this TOGETHER.

That being said *insert shameless plug here*:

I sell drinks, bartend, write, and do social media plans. So if you need one of these services, don't hesitate to hit me up at 312-722-1193.

Thankkkkkkkkkssss. Lol.

Also comment or email me your businesses and side hustles. I’m looking to create a working list of products and services provided by black women.


-Your Urban Black Girl

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