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Being a Black Woman in America is Exhausting!

Updated: May 29, 2020

The black woman has been disrespected, defiled, and made a mockery of for centuries. Yet, we still are the ones men fantasize about. The black woman has become the vision and epitome of sex. With all of this going on, we are extremely underrepresented in every career field. So who are our daughters supposed to look up to? Who will they say they want to be like when they grow up, if all they see are Instagram models, bottle girls, and strippers? Now I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with doing what you have to do to feed yourself and your family; however, why is this all that our young girls see?

The media plays a huge role in this. It's really sad that these are the types of women that get glorified on major news outlets. And when positive women are spoken about, their accomplishments get down played or their names aren't even mentioned in the headlines. It is 2017, and I for one am tired of the media treating us like we're still in the 1960s! Whether we're depicted as angry black women

This is just another reason why I started this blog, so that our names will be spoken and read. And so that our young girls will see our crowns, and know that they too have crowns.

Dear Urban Black Girls,

I am you, and you are me. And we have a responsibility to one another.

#BlackWomen #UrbanBlackGirl

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