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9 Things I Seriously Can't Handle:

1. Chipped nail polish. If even a piece of polish has chipped off of your hands or feet just take it off. Like it just looks like you can't be trusted to take care of yourself. I know sometimes the struggle is real, but damn.

2. Unblended leave-out. Girl. This speaks for itself. Who let you come out the house like that? How did you let yourself come out the house like that? Oil-sheen and a flat-iron boo boo.

3. Bonnets and pajamas in public are a no-no. Some things are meant for house-wear, and these are two of those things. You look tacky and unkempt. Stop it.

4. Dots and bubbles. I know, very strange; however, they literally give me the flux, chill bumps, etc. I just don't like things that are too close together. Don't come near me with them or I will scream and hit you.

5. Smacking. If you are not a toddler and you smack on your food while you eat, you deserve to be smacked. Period.

6. People who say "conversate" instead of "converse". *CRINGE* I am really big on grammar, spelling, enunciation, etc. Some things are just not okay. If you use "conversate" around me, I will correct you.

7. Parents who are dressed 100% better than their children. I understand that kids get dirty and their noses run all over the place, but your child should always come before you.

8. B.O. (body odor). Child it's called soap and water. Before anyone else smells you, you smell you. Handle that boo.

9. People who want to hand over money that's been in their bra, under their nuts, in their shoe, etc. Sweetie I'm not touching $1 that has come out of your sweaty boob. That's just nasty.

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