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Recently, I asked my Facebook and Twitter followers to put me in contact with some bomb female business owners. I must say that I am super impressed by the women that I’ve been put into contact with. Kimberly, of Kimberly Rowe Design, is one of those women. Her design aesthetic and products, are nothing short of amazing. Kimberly Rowe Design sells handmade pillows, blankets, pieces of art, and other décor items.


Kimberly was born and raised on the south-side of Chicago. She went to Morgan Park High School and Illinois State University. There, she majored in Sociology. However, she quickly realized that that particular career path just wasn’t for her.


Growing up, she had no idea that she would be where she is today, doing what she’s doing. After all, she studied Sociology, with the hopes of becoming a Substance Abuse Counselor; however, she recalls watching her grandmother sew when she was just a little girl. “I just used to always watch her and one day she showed me. She hadn’t done that with any of my other siblings. Just me,” she said. I believe there’s always one thing from our childhood that foretells our future. That was her moment.


Prior to starting Kimberly Rowe Design (KRD), Kimberly was a stay at home mom selling her products on Etsy and Facebook. She also spent a lot of time thrifting, and creating her own unique clothes. Like many people, her job search returned to her void. Either the jobs rejected her, or just didn’t reply at all. “Looking back on everything now, I know God had other plans for me”.


Kimberly is seeking to have a very successful 1st year of business with KRD, which has only been a company for 3 months! Yet, KRD is taking the online purchasing world by storm. Recently, she started Crafts & Cocktails: where you and friends can come and make some of KRD’s signature products (all materials provided), while drinking and having fun!

I asked her what word of encouragement would she give to her younger self, if she could:


“Be yourself. Love yourself. Do what makes you happy. Whoever doesn’t like it, drop them off where you picked them up from because no matter what you do you cannot please somebody else. You are not responsible for anybody’s happiness but your own.”


If you are looking to purchase some of her amazing products, book a Crafts & Cocktails session , or wish to hire and interior designer, you can contact Kimberly at


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Instagram: @KimberlyRoweDesign

Facebook: Kimberly Rowe Design

Twitter: @KimberlyRowe_

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