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Charmed by Bee was started by Beshiana Clark, after she created 8 charm bracelets for her younger cousins as Christmas gift. Beshiana, known as Bee, attended Michelle Clark High School, located on Chicago's west side. After graduating high school, she attended Savannah State University in Georgia and later attended Robert Morris University here in Chicago to study Nursing.


After making her cousins charm bracelets for Christmas, they took pictures of the finished products and posted them on Facebook. Soon after, Bee's Facebook inbox and text messages blew up with people asking how they could get some made! From there, Bee recognized that she had to take this opportunity and make it into something.

In addition to making charmed bracelets, Bee also works a full-time 40+ hour a week job. She has suffered many sleepless nights and tears to ensure that Charmed by Bee was a properly run business. 

Bracelets from Charmed by Bee are completely original designs. As a customer, you are able to pick out the charms and colors you want incorporated. In case you were wondering, "no two bracelets are ever alike, not even per request. They may be similar, but never duplicated." However, every piece created by Bee features her signature "love" charm. 

Charmed By Bee prices are based on the age of the recipient and the design. Ages 0-12 are standard $35 ($50 personalized). Ages 13+ are standard $50 ($65 personalized). Gift sets, which include both bracelet and necklace are $50 for children and $65 for adults.

Bee eventually wants for Charmed by Bee to be a household name. She started off strictly making bracelets, but now she has expanded to necklaces too. She's also planning to expand to gold products in the near future. 

This summer, Bee is planning to host a small business showcase with other small business owners. Merchandise will be available to pre-order. Her goal for this event is to bring more attention to black business owners, because every little bit helps.

When asked what she would say to her younger self, if she could, she said: 

"Be patient and be persistent. Anything that God has for you, is for you."

Bee plans to continue to use her platform to inspire young women, and help the, to realize that life doesn't always go as planned.

If you would like to order a Charmed By Bee bracelet you can do so on her site at

Bee can also be reached via social media via:

Facebook: @CharmedByBee

Instagram: @CharmedByBee


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